Acquisition Services

Acquisition has been the core of who we are for 20 years. We support the new customer acquisition efforts of industry leaders in all verticals, from B2C to B2B to nonprofit. Over the years we have evolved from being the best list brokers in the industry to providing strategy and support across all marketing channels. We are relentlessly focused on leveraging new advancements in data and technology to build optimal prospecting audiences for our clients. We apply a comprehensive test-learn-optimize approach to improving and enhancing our clients’ prospecting results and response rates. Today, we can target qualified prospects with a catalog and Facebook post on the same day, and our thorough testing is always focused on building the best combination of contacts and messaging across channels.

There are two factors that make us the best at what we do: 1) We have unparalleled insight into the co-op databases, compiled data sources, vertical files, and emerging web data sources, such as web browsers. We work with more than 90 different reps across the five major co-op databases and we leverage our relationships and day-to-day experience to continually optimize results for our clients. We also understand the ideal original and unique sources of compiled data to help clients target specific life stages, such as new movers and new moms. 2) Simply put, we work our tails off for our clients! We bring the same commitment and passion to delivering best-in-class results that you do to your business. We know that when you win, we win. It is a true partnership.

Here are the specific ways we help our clients with their acquisition efforts:

  • Identifying prospect universes

  • Annual and seasonal NCA planning

  • What-if scenarios

  • Breakeven analysis to determine CPA goals

  • Segmentation testing strategies

  • All sources of prospect names

  • Specialty expertise in the co-op databases and compiled data

  • Life stage prospecting plans

  • Store area prospecting

  • Integrated display and retargeting online

  • Integrated email prospecting

  • Shared mail and package insert media

  • Print media