Which is More Important: Followers or Engagement?

Continuing the Influencer Marketing Conversation…

Today, 37% of marketers dedicate a budget to influencer marketing. However, there are many facts and figures to consider when determining ROI. One of the key debates: Which is more important: engagement or followers?

The buzz words:

·       Engagement: Measures how active your audience is on your page. Rate is calculated by average number of likes and comments an influencer receives on their content divided by the total number of followers, which is then multiplied by 100.

·       Followers: The number of people that can see pictures/ posts on your page. In fact, brands can purchase “followers” and therefore, can account for some of the higher number of followers for some companies.

One side of the story: Engagement is more important than followers because…

·       Audience is Real

o   Followers can be purchased, making it only a numbers game

o   Purchased followers will not engage with your content (or give you any ROI); they only boost your online presence

·       User-Generated Content is Created

o   When the audience is engaged, they are more likely to curate content surrounding your brand

o   This type of user-generated content is helpful for promoting your brand to an extended network

·       Conversions are Fulfilled

o   Influencers, brands and businesses are always hoping to achieve conversions in the form of clicks – leading to increase in sales and thus, ROI

o   If your followers are not interested in your brand, they will likely not engage

·       Trust is Earned

o   Low engagement means there is a lack of trust between consumers and the brand; high engagement suggests trust and satisfaction

o   Engaged followers are interested in building relationships and are more likely to become repeat customers

o   The silver bullet: This may be the way to get Gen X and Baby Boomers in on social media. Since they are so brand loyal, brands should employ influencers who are brand ambassadors – those that these groups trust, if a specific brand wants to attract and engage with these generations

Here you have your guide on influencer marketing and answer to one side of today’s debate – Which is More Important: Followers or Engagement? Take this nugget of knowledge and run with it. After all, is influencer marketing not about being the most ‘influential?’ We are hoping to help get you there.




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