What are the Top 5 Critical Business Questions to Ask?

At Belardi/Ostroy, we are fixated on growth. Your success is our success. Our favorite motto? We are the company we keep. Whether we are working with a new or longstanding client, asking the tough questions is important. In a world that is moving faster than ever before, both retail and e-commerce are changing daily. We offer the most relevant and useful recommendations to our clients by constantly asking ourselves:

  1. How many contacts across channels does it take to convert a prospect?
  2. What is the overlap in customer interaction across marketing channels?
  3. What is the client’s lifetime value/ breakeven for prospecting thresholds based on the season of first purchase?
  4. Which of the client’s marketing programs can still scale; which ones have peaked?
  5. What is the client doing to increase response rates? *Inside Scoop: Major drivers are product category expansion, new stores, celebrity endorsements, etc.

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Bethany Christie