Remaining Relevant (our favorite alliteration) with Direct Marketing

In our world, remaining relevant is key. We all know it is a challenging retail environment. As the back to school and holiday seasons approach, let’s make sure your direct marketing strategy is up to date and thriving. So, how do weremain relevant? Accepting (with open arms!) that this is the next generation of direct marketing and ensuring we have the best methods for keeping our clients top of mind…

Keep it fresh. Discover new sources of names – postal append for email non-buyers and web browsers.

Trigger direct mail pieces. Everybody loves an excuse to recognize an occasion such as a birthday, holiday or anniversary.

Think out of the box. Include a variety of form factors to various mailed segments; not just catalogs all the time.

Go for it. Get creative and direct your pieces toward story-telling and imagery; pull back on the pages and density.

Get personal with products and demographics such as gender, geography and email/ web engagement.

Optimize with contact testing. Ask yourself: “What is the optimal number of contacts for my housefile and prospects?”

Get real with RFM+. Include product, previous contact history and email engagement.

Test and re-test. Analyze display based on customer wallet activity and not web browsing (common error!).

Create opportunities. Reconsider alternative media – it can generate more upscale opportunities today than in the past.

As always, we are relentlessly focused on new opportunities that will deliver results. If we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us: Donna Belardi at

Bethany Christie