Be in the Know: Hot Marketing Trends

By definition, a “trend” is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. You may be thinking, “Well, what is not changing in marketing these days?” We agree. However, it is important to stay on top of the more general trends – applicable to companies of all sizes and brands with diverse audiences and reach.

 We wanted to share with you some of the latest developments we have noticed:

  • Successful companies are product-focused and showcase a unique brand
  • Collaborations and partnerships are key
  • Keep subscription and delivery top-of-mind
    • The rise of the ShopRunners, Amazon Primes and Google Expresses should be on your radar
  • Stories, community engagement and entertainment are more important than ever
    • Tell your brand story to a specific community; cut through the noise with tailored campaigns
  • Personalization is popular – get familiar with your customers and market specifically to this population
  • Consumers are constantly using planning tools and style finders such as Houzz, Stitch Fix, Wayfair and Ikea
  • Significant rise in cross-channel marketing
  • Influx of tools such as augmented and virtual reality
  • Include mobile/ friction-free marketing (it is best to think of this as one entity) as part of your marketing strategy

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Bethany Christie