Belardi Wong Client Survey Results Are In – Here’s What You Had to Say

Thank you to all that participated in our recent client survey. We heard from many brands - large and small, mature and emerging, broad and niche, and regardless of differences – most of you have a lot in common when thinking about opportunities, goals and challenges in 2018.  Here’s what you had to say:

Digital Acquisition

Email file growth ranked as the top priority for digital new customer acquisition. We have seen improvements with lead generation opportunities; from targeting capabilities to delivery channels to pricing. Display retargeting and paid social tied for second for your acquisition priorities. Paid social has proven to be effective and scalable for many of our clients. The good news is that brand/product messaging works well here – no promotions required. Paid social can also be integrated with your DM efforts to increase conversion rates. Conversely, most of you feel that Google AdWords and SEM are less of a priority in 2018, perhaps because these are long-established programs.

Digital Retention and Reactivation

An overwhelming majority of you are struggling to optimize content personalization and your email contact strategy. There is a vast ecosystem supporting these initiatives, and we would be happy to share with you what we have learned about optimizing messaging, frequency and segmentation at a personal level. On the flip side, many of you are less focused on Shopping/PLAs and Google custom audiences, although we still feel there are likely opportunities here and they are not to be overlooked.

The E-commerce Ecosystem

Results here were more widely spread across categories. The majority of you are looking for support with customer journey planning and attribution solutions. BW is constantly meeting with and vetting vendors in these spaces. New players are emerging every day, and for our small-medium size clients, we are helping to develop solutions that are more cost-effective. Many of you are also looking for support in video content, life stage acquisition efforts and integrated customer acquisition planning across all channels. These last two areas of support have been the backbone of Belardi Wong for the last 20 years, and we are currently executing on both.

Dissatisfaction with Analytics

A whopping 75% of you expressed dissatisfaction in attribution reporting and we hear you! The current marketing landscape feels like a land grab for budget dollars with so many channels and departments competing for their next dollar to spend. In some cases, we have seen brands walk away from upscale and expensive allocation modeling software and revert back to business rules based on two solid questions: 1) What is the overlap across your marketing channels, and 2) Of that overlap, how many customers are new, retained or reactivated. The next two priorities you listed were lifetime value and defining customer cohorts – both critical in increasing your marketing efficiency.

Creative Support Needs

Most responders expressed a need for support with concept and format development. We have been saying for several years now that catalogs today are not your mother’s catalogs of yesterday! Brands are doing more and more to not only stand out in the mail, but also discovering unique and creative ways to tell stories and convey their unique selling proposition. All of you have already realized that catalogs and direct mail are an ideal channel for this, so that is half the battle. BW creative would be happy to assist with what is left…and win this battle!

We know your 2018 To-Do Lists are a mile long. Please let us know you if you would like more information or assistance with any of the above opportunities.