10 Things We Love About ModCloth’s August Transition Catalog

When I opened ModCloth’s fall catalog this past August, the first thing that came to mind was “Brilliant!”

As I flipped through all 32 eye-catching and purposeful pages, I was reminded not only of the power of brand but the power of catalogs.

Catalogs effectively engage, inspire and drive sales in a way that no other medium can.


Marketing best practices continue to evolve. Each day we are impressed by brands willing to try creative

new strategies to draw customers into their brand. In fact, we spotted many of these new tactics in this single transition catalog.

Here are some elements that stood out to us:

1.     Macro Influencers – ModCloth is ingenious with its use of macro influencers of up-and-coming artists and entertainers,

enabling customers (especially millennials!) to connect with the brand. Twenty-five percent of the catalog is dedicated to sharing

the stories of these authentic and inspiring young ladies as they flaunt their unique (ModCloth) style.


2.     Fall Transition – ModCloth understands the challenges that marketers face when moving from one season

to the next and addresses the process head-on. The “wear it now – wear it later” call-outs encourage customers to “buy now” with no reservations.

The “Transition” season is no longer something to avoid, but something to embrace. 


3.     “School, Work, Play”– Fashion versatility at its best! ModCloth’s approach is customer-centric; the brand acknowledges its fun-loving,

fashion-focused but often pragmatic customers (largely millennials and Gen Xers). In fact, ModCloth’s exciting displays of mix and match separates

solve for all fashion needs – in any season (with student discounts too!).

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 11.59.56 AM.png

4.     Inclusivity – From ethnicity to body type, ModCloth embraces diversity through its models and its offering.  

I love the way they highlight their range of sizes – all on one page, I might note – showcasing different styles that can work for every figure.    


5.     Brand Collaboration – Collectif, a vintage inspired U.K. brand shares ModCloth’s core values and sense of style.

Two strong comparable brands working together to expand their reach, product and sales.


6.     Special Offers – Who doesn’t love a deal?  Driving customers to pull the trigger often takes a bit of a nudge.  ModCloth’s limited time,

15% promo on the back cover is just the ticket. “Free Shipping & Returns” is offered when spending at least $75+,

eliminating risk for customers (and prospects) and encouraging them to buy more.


7.     Complimentary Modstylist Consultants – Love it!  When you are interested in testing out a new style for your body or fit,

get a Modstylist to help. Personal styling, bridal services and wardrobing: ModCloth offers an elevated level of

personalized customer service often only found in upscale brick-and-mortar retail.    


8.     Customer Testimonials – Who’s a better advocate than your own customer? Many brands offer customer testimonials and

product ratings on their website but ModCloth takes it a step further. The brand understands the power of customer testimonials

and strategically places these messages throughout the catalog.


9.     Product Highlights – Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Stylish, unique, fun and not an afterthought. ModCloth is more than just dresses

and does a spectacular job of showing its range of product. This is so important when attempting to attract new customers to the brand.


10.  Personality & Style – Plaids, prints, stylish, fun pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

The brand notes: “ModCloth is democratizing women's clothing one cute outfit at a time!” See more here: https://www.modcloth.com


That’s a wrap! As experts in direct mail, we continue to see changes in terms of best practices.

We are looking forward to highlighting the exciting new trends that will most definitely emerge in 2019.