Case Studies

Entrance into the education market

Belardi Wong began targeting the education market over 10 years ago when the team recognized an enormous opportunity within this industry. Today, Belardi Wong works with over 25 of the nation’s top universities to successfully augment business.

new movers for Home Brand

Belardi Wong was contracted to discover new opportunities to expand prospecting offers. They hoped to reach new homeowners within the first year of their move. Belardi Wong was tasked with identifying target customers.


outsourced marketing for Children's  Brand

This International Children’s Apparel Brand launched in 2002 with a unique, niche approach to children’s apparel. Client A had developed a small, loyal customer base but struggled to effectively acquire new customers. Competition from mature brands like Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden and traditional retailers like the Gap was fierce. When Client A contracted with Belardi Wong in 2010, their direct mail marketing efforts consisted of five catalogs per year.

new prospect audience for spin-off

Belardi Wong was contacted by an International High End Home Brand to assist in introducing and marketing an expanded category of modern home furnishings, targeting a unique and incremental audience through a spin-off catalog. The target customer would be more affluent than their typical DTC home shopper. Subsequently, the ultramodern aesthetic would require a creative and out-of-the-box approach to prospecting.


catalog launch for women's apparel

With digital marketing becoming more expensive, more saturated, more competitive, and more promotional than ever, this Premium Women’s Apparel Brand sought alternative ways to profitably drive sales to their retail stores and website, and grow their buyer file.

successful acquisition strategy in the fundraising industry

Belardi Wong has 20+ years of non-profit expertise specifically in acquiring new donors. In this case, Belardi Wong worked with a top non-profit client to increase their number of donors and revenue. Belardi Wong has extensive experience in campaign planning and development, leveraging co-ops, vertical lists, and databases. The team is growth-focused and works diligently to develop custom audiences to support testing and different creative packages.  

Alternate media program optimization

Belardi Wong has been an industry-leader in Alternate Media for over 20 years. In the past several years, there has been a strong resurgence in Alternate Media and new-found interest among specialty retailers and upscale brands. In this scenario, Belardi Wong worked with a specialty food & and gift company to expand their market reach in order to acquire new customers.