An Update Regarding the ACMA & Physical Presence Standard Tax

“The American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) advocates for policy and legislation that benefits catalog and other remote merchants, their suppliers and customers.” – ACMA

The ACMA’s mission is extremely important. The Supreme Court’s decision to change the physical presence standard tax affects everyone. The issue is not limited to the collection of sales tax, but the simplification of the process.

In the past few months, the ACMA has been negotiating with Congress for these three simple things: (1) Moratorium until the rules are clear and codified by Congress (2) Prohibition against retroactivity and (3) Congressional simplification of the nationwide tax regimes.

Currently, the ACMA is hoping to delay the implementation of the new Wayfair standards until April 1, 2019. Some states are not giving companies adequate time to comply and there are those requiring a collection of back sales tax from customers. As a result, this will cost retailers hundreds of thousands of dollars if we do not support the ACMA and their efforts. Here is how we can help:

·       Donate to the Catalog Industry Action, Tax Action or Postal Action Funds here.

·       If you have employees who can vote for representatives sitting on the House Judiciary Committee, their action is vital. Please communicate with Congress the need for legislative action here.

·       With election season coming up, it is an ideal time to host politicians at your facilities. Here is a checklist for setting up this type of event.

·       Pay careful attention to the news regarding the physical presence standard tax – it is important that Congress knows we are aware of this issue and fully support the ACMA.

·       Become an ACMA member to help lobby and lead initiatives for these important causes.

President of Belardi Wong, Donna Belardi, said: “We are doing our best as an industry-leader to cut through the noise and share the most relevant news with you. We will be sure to provide as much information as possible and look forward to working together on behalf of retailers (e-commerce companies and catalogers) nationwide.”

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