Congratulations to Rob Santangelo on 2017 Employee of the Year!

We are extremely proud to congratulate our Director of New Business Development, Rob Santangelo, selected as Belardi Wong’s 2017 Employee of the Year.

Rob’s electric personality is contagious. Each day, he brings enthusiasm, positivity and a can-do attitude to the office. In just three years, Rob has obtained a record-number of new accounts, integrated himself into every aspect of our business and taken on a diverse range of challenges. His ability to get us into new and exciting markets accurately reflects his embodiment of the Belardi Wong way.

Rob is an excellent role model. Rob radiates confidence; his dedication and conviction is inspiring and with this, he truly epitomizes the ideal employee. From his curiosity; to his passion; to his lively spirit; to his support and generosity, we are proud to have Rob on our team. We look forward to another successful year with Rob!