Data Monetization 

We have been a leader in this space for 20 years. Data Monetization was one of our original services when we launched 20 years ago. Through careful brand management and proactive sales, we have helped dozens of clients earn valuable, scalable income by leveraging their customer file as a data asset.  We have a unique advantage within our own client base because 100% of our clients work with our Acquisition Services team, where we are building prospecting plans for them to market. We are also persistent in creating and pursuing new opportunities for our clients. Whether it is helping them to develop a new package insert or shared mail program or finding potential list renters, we are consistently thinking out of the box. As the industry has evolved, we have too. The integration of data across channels also means there are constantly new opportunities to leverage your data-to-drive income, such as the careful collection and sale of your cookie data.

Our Data Monetization team will:

  • Maximize your list rental income

  • Aggressively promote your list (with your approval)

  • Overlay data to make your list more valuable

  • Identify secondary markets for expansion

  • Increase list exchange opportunities with like-minded companies

  • Leverage our network to drive sales and income

  • Identify media partnerships

  • Provide best-in-class customer service

 Managed properties can be viewed by logging into your Nextmark account.