Alternate/Insert Media

Insert print media is everything outside of your direct mail program. This media offers a low-cost environment with broad reach to sell product, drive web and retail traffic and build brand awareness through these programs: 

  • Shared Mail                                         

  • Package Inserts                                  

  • Catalog Blow-ins                               

  • Ride-Along Programs                       

  • Magazine Polybags/Onserts

  • FSI’s (Free Standing Inserts)

  • Statement Stuffers

  • Sampling Programs

  • In-Store Advertising

  • Out of Home Advertising

  • Email Ads

Belardi Wong has 20+ years of leading experience in insert print media for retailers and specialty brands around the country offering:

  • Unparalleled expertise and marketing experience

  • Results-driven senior team

  • New launches and mature programs

  • Turnkey menu of services including creative services

  • Unique partnership opportunities