We have over 50 non-profit clients, and are proud to help drive each mission forward.

Our motto is Helping You Change the World. Our non-profit/fundraising team has decades of experience serving the non-profit community in direct marketing. We are truly committed to and passionate about our clients’ causes and missions. We strive to increase our clients’ membership base so they can move their programs forward and continue to positively impact the community. To help bring our community together and to share our unparalleled insights in marketing, we host a summit for our non-profit clients in Washington D.C. every fall season. This summit connects the best practices of our commercial division as well and our core insights in the non-profit arena – in both the print and digital space.  We are truly proud of the impact we are making to our world every day.

Our non-profit division is unique for a few core reasons: 1) Given the extent of our non-profit client base and network, our experience ranges from starting up acquisition programs for new non-profits and established brands, expanding existing acquisition programs, implementing new consortiums for non-profits who otherwise cannot afford to market on their own and most importantly, meeting and often exceeding our clients’ financial goals. 2) We have strong relationships with non-profit agencies where we act as an extension of their team, providing not only prospecting and circulation planning support, but analytics and strategy as well. 3) As a division of Belardi Wong, we have access to cutting edge marketing knowledge on the commercial side, which helps us generate new ideas for our non-profit clients. 

Here are our specific areas of expertise:

  • Environment: Land conservation, water preservation, reforestation and air quality

  • Animals: Endangered species, wildlife preservation, animal welfare and zoos

  • Health: Disease prevention, hospitals, clinics and cancer centers

  • Arts/Education: Museums, libraries, public TV and radio, colleges, and universities

  • Social Justice/Advocacy: Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ equality and International Human Rights

  • Humanitarians/Societal Benefit: Youth development, meal programs, veterans benefits, special needs and homeless services

  • Politics: Mainstream to progressive candidates and organizations and democratic committees